Teeth Whitening Testimonials

testimonialsPlease note, in the interests of brevity, we may, on occasions, have to abridge testimonials that are received and used on this website, this also helps contribute towards providing a wider cross section of opinions and ensures that comments are succinct, relevant and more readable.

If sending us a testimonial, please try and keep them to a maximum of 140 words, including name, area you live and County, that way, your communication will more than likely be used as received.

If you don’t wish us to use your name and/or area you live, perhaps just utilising initials, just tell us in your letter and we’ll be only too pleased to oblige.

Below are a small selection of some of the unsolicited testimonials that we have received from our customers.

Originals are kept on file if required.

“Fantastic service, if I hadn’t have seen the results with my own eyes I don’t think I would have believed what your product could achieve in just 20 minutes, it’s awesome, thanks”

Andy Garrigan, Kirklevington, Nr. Yarm.

5-stars-copy“Can u say thanks to Jacqui, I’m very impressed with my teeth, mates jealous :-)))”

Jodie Meakin, Peterlee, County Durham, received via text


“Just a quick word of appreciation, as Julie, who delivered your teeth whitening product to me knows, I’ve had teeth whitening before at my dentist, but it was very expensive, over £350 and even though your price is far below that of my dentist, I received a better result at £69 with your whitening gel than I did with her and best of all, there was no sensitivity.

My thanks to Julie, she answered all my queries and was very professional.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who’s thinking of using your services.”

Ms Diane Leonards, Ryton, Northumberland.


“Was impressed with the before and after pictures on your site, but I honestly doubted if I’d achieve anything which was anywhere near as good, needn’t have been sceptical, I ended up 8 shades lighter, better than I’d hoped was possible and more than exceeding my expectations”

Doug Arnott, Town End Farm, Sunderland.


“My dentist tried to put me off using non dental teeth whitening companies like yourselves, he quoted me £275 and I would have had to faff around by having moulds made, then using his gel for up to 2 weeks before I would see the finished result, this was far too much trouble for me, and expensive.

I couldn’t be bothered, so I came to you, best thing I ever did, the results in just 20 minutes were frankly amazing, just like you say on your site, thanks.”

Andrea Pemberton, Hartlepool, received via text.

5-stars-copy“Cheers, 20 minute teeth whitening, 4 of us had your gel treatment and only paid £55 each, what a bargain, and as for the end result, let’s just say you’ve got four very satisfied customers, brill.”

John Davies, Middlesbrough.

5-stars-copy“You know one of the best things about your company, apart from the whitening result being outstanding, is the fact that I was never pressured into proceeding with you, infact I was offered the chance, if I wanted it, to ring around some of your competitors, which I declined.

One other company, who shall remain nameless, offered me a discount if I paid a deposit over the phone, but it smacked of desperation, I’m glad I went with yourselves, thank you.”

Mrs Caroline Strachan, Whickham, Newcastle upon Tyne.


“For £65, as I was one of two, I have to say that the results delivered by your whitening gel far exceeds what I would have believed possible, I love the nice comments I’m receiving about my whiter smile from both friends and work colleagues, I’m so pleased.”

Jenny Nolan, Stockton on Tees.

5-stars-copy“I have recommended you to 4 people that I know because of your excellent service and the result I’ve obtained after using your product, thanks and very best wishes.”

James Arrowsmith, South Shields.


“How you manage to do what you do at the price is beyond me, but for £75 I have to say the level of change of colour of my teeth has made me really happy.

I was, until a year ago, a fairly heavy smoker, 30 to 40 a day, so I wasn’t expecting a miracle, but absolutely everyone I’ve met since using your gel has noticed how much whiter my teeth are.

Not only am I saving a lot of money having packed in smoking, I feel and look healthier and my teeth look so much better as well, thanks to Nicola who came to see me.”

Daniel Illingworth, Tynemouth.


“My teeth were in bad need of a revitalisation, or should that be a resurrection, my dentist said he’d whiten them, but at £375, I refused, now there’s a surprise.

I shopped around a bit and came across some salons who were charging £35 for teeth whitening, but as you know, I was put off by their price as it was just too cheap and it looked as if they were desperate to get my business.

Anyway, I decided to use 20 Minute Teeth Whitening instead and I’m so glad I did.

Jacqui was professional, helpful and knew what she was doing, she brought with her a whitening gel that gave me a better result than I thought I’d actually achieve, thank you.”

Judith Davies, Newcastle upon Tyne.



“G8 result, Thanx.”