Teeth Whitening Procedure – Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure

This page details the actual Laser teeth whitening procedure from start to finish.


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Following arrival, we’ll explain the procedure with you and verify that you’re happy with what you’ve heard.

We then answer any questions you may have, after which we’ll then begin to setup the equipment etc., there are THREE back to back sessions in total, 1 x 20 minutes and 2 x 15 minutes each.

Our prices include ALL 3 sessions and everything else listed below.

          • Firstly the starting shade of your teeth  is checked using our professional shade guide with the help of a handheld mirror
          • We also supply tissues to use to wipe your mouth each time you remove a mouthpiece.
          • The hermetically sealed package, Zero 7, which contains the pre filled teeth whitening mouth tray is now opened.
          • The tray is placed into your mouth, you bite down gently into the pre-filled gel, all of your top and bottom set of teeth will be automatically covered with the whitening gel.
          • You now place the protective, specially tinted glasses on.
          • The telescopic, bendable arm of the Cool LED (Laser) light is positioned alongside wherever you’re sitting and it’s then positioned over your teeth – the process begins with the press of one button.
          • You then sit comfortably for 20 minutes (and watch TV if you want) whilst the 20 Minute Teeth Whitening gel does its work.
          • After 20 minutes the light turns itself off automatically.
          • Take out the mouthpiece and place it into the disposable beaker supplied.
          • There then follows a final TWO additional, back to back Laser sessions, one after the other, lasting 15 minutes EACH, you’ll be supplied with brand new, pre filled mouth trays each time.
          • All customers are finally supplied with a FREE syringe containing a different whitening gel, to be used 24 hours after our visit as an ‘enhancer’ to the previous day’s sessions and using a brand new mouth tray.
          • Please allow a good hour and a half when we visit you for taking payment, setup, providing explanations, answering any questions, completing the sessions, clearing away and reloading our vehicle.

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