Teeth Whitening Procedure – Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure

The actual teeth whitening procedure, as one will assume from our name, takes 20 minutes, however when you first use our service the manufacturer’s recommend that you should allow additional time as detailed further down this page.


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      • This is what happens:
      • After arrival, we explain the procedure with you and verify that you’re happy with what you’ve heard, answer any questions, after which we will then begin to setup the equipment etc.
      • We supply a pre whitening spray (*WITERx – pronounced Whiter x) in a small bottle which is sprayed onto a toothbrush and you’ll brush your teeth with this – used once only, – just before using the first mouthpiece.
      • We supply tissues to use to wipe your mouth each time you remove a mouthpiece.
      • The hermetically sealed package containing the teeth whitening mouthpiece is now opened.
      • You place the mouthpiece into your mouth and bite down gently into the pre-filled gel, all of your top and bottom set of teeth will be automatically covered with the gel.
      • You now place the protective, specially tinted glasses on.
      • The Cool LED (Laser) accelerator light is then positioned over your teeth and the process will begin following the simple press of one button.
      • You then sit comfortably for 20 minutes (and watch TV if you want) whilst the 20 Minute Teeth Whitening gel does its work.
      • After 20 minutes the light turns itself off automatically – you then remove the eyewear.
      • Take out the mouthpiece and place it into the disposable beaker supplied – and that’s it – complete.
      • When you FIRST use our service, we recommend that you utilise the TWO ADDITIONAL SESSIONS lasting 15 minutes each – with brand new, pre-filled mouthpieces –  there is NO additional charge, they’re undertaken immediately following the 20 minute session.
      • Please allow a good hour and a half when we visit you for the FIRST time to allow for setup, provide explanations, answer any questions, undertake treatment, clearing away, taking payment and reloading our vehicle.
      • *WITERx Pre-Whitening Liquid Spray contains our patented detergent technology that lifts any surface stains that you may have off your teeth rapidly, without pain and without damage to teeth. This product is used once only – before the 20 minute whitening treatment. Witerx contains wetting agents that allow our teeth whitening gel to better penetrate into teeth, and it’s pH neutral too.
      • Three key reasons we include WHITERx pre-whitening spray with your Laser teeth whitening treatment
        1:  Makes whitening treatment work faster
        2: Whitening treatments last longer because surface stains are removed
        3: Non-Abrasive. Does not scratch teeth enamel.
      • Our Complete Laser Teeth Whitening Prices Are: £69 (1 person) £59 per person (2 – 3 people) £50 per person (4 +)


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