Teeth Whitening Procedure – Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure

Our Standard Teeth Whitening Service

We deliver and install our Laser light  – or lights if there are two people.

Please allow a good 75 to 90 minutes for our arrival and eventual departure, this will allow time for unloading the vehicle, questions and answers if required, the preparation and actual procedure (as detailed below) taking payment, cleaning away and finally reloading the vehicle.

The staff member who visits will have been checked to be Covid-19 free, they will ALSO be wearing a full cover face mask, disposable gloves and social distancing rules are adhered to throughout the visit.

Our whitening gels are provided in pre-filled mouth trays which are filled at the manufacturing stage and then placed in hermetically sealed aluminum foil packets, these are opened, as required, prior to each session beginning.

There are THREE pre-filled mouth trays supplied to each customer to use with each of the THREE, back to back, Laser teeth whitening sessions.

The customer simply places the pre-filled mouth tray (from the sealed packed) into their mouth and bites down into the gel, our staff will maintain a minimum distance of 1 + metre from a customer while on their property.

20 Minute Teeth Whitening provides a self administered, cosmetic grade beauty product which is supplied in a sealed pre-filled teeth whitening mouth tray which the customer places into their own mouth.

Our method of operation doesn’t involve any kind of actual physical work on your teeth or mouth and neither are advice or recommendations made, this means our service is not dental in nature but is classified as the provision of a self administered, cosmetic grade beauty product

The FIRST session lasts for 20 Minutes  (hence our name) however to provide optimum VALUE and RESULTS we also undertake a further TWO  x 15 minutes sessions immediately following the first 20 minutes.

Future Laser top ups normally only require one simple 20 minute session, however all previous customers who wish to use our Laser top up service, are welcome to have THREE sessions (1 x 20 minutes and 2 x 15 minutes) for the DISCOUNTED price of £50 as our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your continued loyalty to our company.

Top ups are very subjective as to when they’re required due to people’s differing perceptions of how they view their teeth as well as their lifestyles too of course.   As a general rule anywhere from 1 to 2 years isn’t unusual, however sometimes it’s longer, sometimes shorter, it really does depend very much on the individual.

The step-by-step guide of our teeth whitening service is as follows:

  1. A professional dental quality shade guide is supplied to enable you to see the correct shade of your teeth before beginning the service.
  2. Next, we supply a small tub of a cleanser paste which is placed on your tooth brush and you use it to gently scrub your teeth. This helps to remove any surface stains and also gently exfoliates your enamel.
  3. An accelerator wipe which has a textured appearance and which is coated with a special activation spray is rubbed over your teeth, this creates a deep cleanse and assists to effectively draw the whitening gel into the microscopic pores of your enamel.
  4. Next, a sterile, prefilled, hermetically sealed mouth tray is removed from its airtight foil packet, the gel inside contains two types of whitening gel (both a non peroxide and a bleach – at legal levels) this is then placed into your mouth followed by the wearing of a pair of protective goggles.
  5. You then simply relax and sit back and allow our teeth whitening gel and our Laser light to carry out their work.  The whitening effect is created by a gentle, but powerful oxidation reaction which removes stains as well as general tooth discolouration.

Most of our customers achieve a difference of 8 – 12 shades,

In addition, 20 Minute Teeth Whitening also provides a wide range of affordable AFTERCARE items which assist in maximising the result of the main sessions (1 x 20 minutes and 2 x 15 minutes) which in turn provides a low cost method of maintenance.

You can visit our Aftercare Page by clicking HERE

The images below show the following:

  1. Our professional shade guide
  2. Teeth scrub
  3. Teeth wipe which will is impregnated with activation spray
  4. The actual activation spray used with teeth wipe
  5. Hermetically sealed pre-filled teeth whitening tray
  6. Protective goggles
  7. Close up of our Laser light timer unit
  8. Our Mobile Laser light

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