Teeth Whitening Service – Further Information

Teeth whitening Sunderland, Tyne and Wear copyOur main teeth whitening product meets all UK cosmetic and safety standards.

It’s far more effective than the weak products which are marketed by many other companies from competitors to high street chemists, eBay and Amazon etc.

There’s no pain or sensitivity.

Our teeth whitening gel combination is not available in chemists, high street shops or other North East England teeth whitening outlets – only via ourselves.

There are 7 main ingredients in total, which includes TWO whitening gels (a bleach and non bleach combined) all contained within our whitening product, they all work together, synergistically, to produce the optimal level of whiteness for each user.

We combine our product with the use of a state of the art Professional Blue LED Laser Teeth Whitening Light, which at 24 watts, is both powerful and effective. Together with our whitening gel, they ensure optimum results.

Our laser light utilises 8 powerful 3 watt blue LEDs which together produce the 24 watts of power, making our Laser one of the most efficient and powerful teeth whitening LED lights on the market.

20 Minute Teeth Whitening could have cut corners and purchased a weaker, cheaper, less powerful Laser light that used a smaller quantity of LED’s, however, we saw no point in sourcing and using the best whitening gel in the marketplace if we were going to combine it with a cheap, less powerful light.

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