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Please identify yourself via e-mail

We only collect data if you have ever used our Laser teeth whitening service or bought any of our teeth whitening products.

The reason for data collection for teeth whitening bookings is because we operate a mobile home visit service and we require address and a telephone number and name etc., to allow us to see you.

We do not accept comments on our website so no data is collected in that manner.

If you purchase Aftercare items from us such as teeth whitening strips, toothpaste, D.I.Y teeth whitening kits etc and pay for them using our payment processor (Paypal) we do not see your credit or debit card payment details, they are encrypted and are utilised by Paypal, the only data that we see in such a case is your name and address as we need to know where to post the items to following purchase.

For further details of our Privacy Policy please click HERE to visit our Privacy Policy Page. It’ll open in a new tab.