Teeth Whitening Service – Further Information

Teeth whitening Sunderland, Tyne and Wear copy

There are FOUR teeth whitening products in the UK  – as far as we’re aware – we’re the only company who provide ALL FOUR to our customers as standard, TWO in our main whitening service and the other two are supplied FREE OF CHARGE in a syringe.

Most other companies only use ONE product with their main service  – usually Hydrogen or Carbamide Peroxide – as mentioned in the paragraph above, it’s the last two we supply FREE OF CHARGE to our customers.

All FOUR of our products meet all European Union cosmetic and safety standards and directives.

Our main 1 x 20 minute and 2 x 15 minute whitening gel does NOT cause pain or sensitivity.

In addition, our main teeth whitening gel with it’s combination of products and strengths which is specially formulated for us, is not available in chemists, high street shops or other North East England teeth whitening outlets – only via ourselves.

We use all four legal ingredients so we can be satisfied of delivering the optimum result for each customer..

Further, we combine our products with the use of the Futura 2400 Professional Blue LED Laser Teeth Whitening Light, which at 24 watts, is a powerful and effective teeth whitening light. Together with our whitening gel, they ensure optimum results.

The head and body of the Futura 2400 are both cast from a solid block of aluminium.

When touched, the impression and feel is of high quality.

The unit utilises 8 powerful 3 watt blue LEDs which together produce the 24 watts of power, making the Futura one of the most efficient and powerful Laser teeth whitening LED lights on the market.

20 Minute Teeth Whitening could have cut corners and purchased a weaker, cheaper, less powerful Laser light that used a smaller quantity of LED’s, however, we saw no point in sourcing and using the best whitening gel in the marketplace if we were going to combine it with a cheap, less powerful light.

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