Teeth Whitening Before and After Photographs

Shown below are some teeth whitening before and after photographs – all untouched – of visitors to a franchise exhibition in London that we attended which show the results obtained after use of our Laser Teeth Whitening product.

Results can last up to a year and a half (or longer) dependent on the lifestyle of the recipient

Looking at the images below you will see that results do indeed vary from person to person – some people are noticeably whiter than others – this is normal as there is obviously no ‘one result fits all’ for the entire population.

Results range from between 2 to 4 shades – right to the far end of the scale.  As would be expected, we’ve deliberately placed the best results on this page, the purpose being to show what can be obtained, we’ve omitted results where a minor shade difference occurred, simply because photographs aren’t very good at picking these up, we’ve instead utilised the images where differences are far easier to see

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Click on any photograph to view a much larger image – click well outside the enlarged photograph to shrink it back to normal.

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