After Care Product Payment Page

The products below are NOT supplied or intended as a substitute for Laser teeth whitening; their purpose is to compliment, this is where they come into their own and provide value and effectiveness.

Items such as whitening strips, teeth whitening toothpaste and our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit etc., are designed to enhance and maximise your result, as well as helping to minimise the effects of future tea, coffee, staining food and liquid consumption.

This is the page to pay for your AFTERCARE product(s) such as our Advanced Teeth Whitening System, Teeth Whitening Strips, Whitening Toothpaste, or Replacement Syringes of Gel etc.

Each ‘Buy Now‘ button is placed immediately BELOW the product description.

When ordering any of our PRODUCTS e.g., Teeth Whitening Strips, Whitening Toothpaste etc., we always endeavour to mail out 1 working day FOLLOWING receipt of your order (orders on a Friday will be actioned on a Monday) however please allow approximately 7 days for actual receipt, as once in the hands of our courier we are reliant on the restrictions that they impose because of the present Covid-19 situation.

Most people will receive their order within 2 to 3 days, but just incase, please allow a little more time as detailed above.

Teeth Whitening Strips x 12 pairs (24 in total) for upper and bottom teeth.

Advanced Teeth Whitening System. 16 L.E.D. light, requires Android or Apple device to plug into. Also includes teeth scrub, teeth wipe and 20 millilitres of our whitening gel containing TWO whitening agents, a bleach and a non bleach.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Foam Toothpaste – two products in one – a teeth whitener and a breath freshener

Syringe of Replacement Whitening Gel Multi Buy

Replacement Gel Multi Buy

Teeth Whitening Pen Multi Buy

Whitening Pen Multi Buy

Discounted Laser Top Up. Existing Customers Only