Welcome To 20 Minute Teeth Whitening.

Following your main Laser teeth whitening session, it’s inevitable that you will begin to subject your teeth to the effect of staining foods and drinks, which can eventually (if ignored) have a gradual and negative impact on your smile.

To help minimise this, we provide a superb range of aftercare products and services which will help you to reduce the effect that staining foods and drinks can have on your whiter smile and at the same time help to enhance and maximise the result that you obtained.

There’s quite a choice to choose from, including portable L.E.D lights, whitening foam, teeth strips, replacement gels, whitening pens or top up’s via our Laser light, the choice is yours.

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Teeth Whitening Strips
Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips, 28 in Total, Two Weeks Supply

Advanced Teeth Whitening System 16 L.E.D. Mouth Tray (Requires Android Or Apple Phone To Plug Into) + 20 ML of Whitening Gel + Teeth Scrub + Gel Activator Spray Applied Via Finger Swab

Advanced Teeth Whitening Foam Toothpaste and Mouthwash Combined

Teeth Whitening Replacement Gel (10 ML)

Teeth Whitening Pen – SIX Pens Included For The Price.

Top Up Using Our Laser Light & THREE Back To Back Sessions 1 x 20 Minutes + 2 x 15 Minutes

The gel manufacturers have provided the following tip in order to maintain your whiter smile:

For 24 hours after your ‘initial appointment’ you are recommended to avoid the consumption of coloured foods and drinks, which include red wine, tea, coffee etc., sauces of a dark nature, sugary drinks.