After Care

24 Hours After Treatment

Manufacturer’s Suggestions


After Care | Laser Teeth Whitening

The following after care suggestions which are supplied directly from our whitening gel’s manufacturers, forms a very important part of your home based teeth whitening regime and will enable you to obtain the best and longest lasting result.

The manufacturer’s suggest that you should be prepared to adhere to their guidance for 24 hours, following your LED (Laser) Teeth Whitening procedure and avoid contact with certain categories of food and drink which are listed below. Food and beverages which are ok to consume are also listed.

To Begin:

For 15 minutes following your LED (Laser) teeth whitening, do not consume food or drink, there should – in addition –  not be any swilling of the mouth with water, or any attempt to brush your teeth for up to 15 minutes either, the reason for this is to allow the residue of whitening gel which remains on the teeth, to continue to work until it dissolves naturally.

After the initial 15 minutes and for the following 24 hours adhere to the guidance laid out below.


Non-alcoholic drinks you can have

Still or Sparkling Water, Tonic Water, Flavoured Water, Lemonade, Skimmed milk etc.

Non-alcoholic drinks to avoid

Tea, Coffee, Cola drinks and Orange, although you can sip these through a straw if absolutely necessary in order to help reduce contact with the teeth.

Alcoholic drinks you can have

Vodka, Malibu, Vodka Ice, Gin, White Wine.

Alcoholic drinks to avoid

Red Wine, Beer, Guinness, alcohol which contains colour


Food must be white only.
Chicken can be dry or boiled, avoiding fat. Turkey, White Fish, White Rice, White Pasta – White Sauce only – Cauliflower, Cottage Cheese & White Bread.

Food to avoid

Carrots, Peas, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Green Beans, Sprouts, Mushrooms, No Beetroot, Tomatoes, Red/Green Lettuce, etc.


You can have Mashed, Boiled or Baked, however with the latter, please take the skin off.


Cereals, such as Rice Krispies with Skimmed milk.


Avoid all fruit except for Apples, Pears and Bananas, the first two should have the skin removed.


Avoid sauces such as Bolognese however White Pasta sauce is ok. Chewing gum is fine but no chocolates or sweets, etc.


It’s recommended by the manufacturer to substitute white toothpaste (if you use a coloured variety) in order to clean your teeth for up to 24 hours following the use of our product, in addition, coloured or clear whitening mouthwashes should also be avoided for up to 24 hours too.

If you smoke, it would also be beneficial if you can stop smoking for 24 hours too – we appreciate this particular suggestion may be more difficult to adhere to, should that be the case, then a reduction in the amount of cigarettes smoked in the time scale mentioned (following the use of our product) is an acceptable compromise.